Saturday, September 12, 2009

The wifi problem has been fixed

Recntly, people reported issues with wifi. The bug really has nothing to do with the wifi. It is a memory corruption issue inside the system property manager. Long ago, I changed the size of system property name to support user configure-able battery sysfs path. This change will cause the size of shared memory for the system properties to increase. But the original code of shared memory creation uses a hard coded size and I was not aware of that. When the amonut of the total used system property entries increased to certain level, segfault will happen since system property entry may have pointed to a wrong address. After adjusted the code to create the share memory, it seems that the problem goes away.
If you are still seeing the issue, please report it in the discussion group.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What is next

Now, we have a realtivly stable system. Here are some items on my to do list:
1. enable vold to support external stroage by using fuzzy matching
2.In Android, by default, mkdir set the new directory permission to 0700. When install an new apk from web ui, the download provider tries to create a new directory called download in /sdcard. On G1 phone, the external storage is using vfat partition. And it does not enforce permission. So we can download and install the apk without any problem. But with android-x86, the external storage can use either ext2, ext3 or vfat, with the unix paritions, the permission will be enforced. So the apk install will fail. I may need to add new code the fix the permission.
3. hardware cursor, this item in my to do list for a very long time already.