Saturday, November 14, 2009

release of android-x86 20091113 test build

The Android-x86 project is glad to announce a new test build
20091113 for public testing. A live cd ISO and USB image are
available from our site:

Build 20091113 is Android 1.6 (Donut) based and it is a release candidate for android-x86 1.6 stable release.
In addition to the features available in previous release, the new build contains

* Hardware OpenGL support from olv in 0xlab.
* Fn key support for EeePC platforms.
* External USB bluetooth support.
* NDK for X86 platforms is supported (based on the original work from
* new touch features to simulate home/menu/back keys to support touch only device.
* Improvement on the keyboard support. User can use ctrl+c directly from terminal simulator now.
* A lots of bug fixes.

Released Files:
* Live CD iso: android-x86-20091113.iso

sha1sum: dec0b99a6fe1e33e05b665e82f3020f612eb14bf

* Live USB image: android-x86-20091113_usb.img.gz

sha1sum: ce040ced2da92c278c7df2527b5f3498a68afbfa

Source code:
The source code is available in our git server:

$ repo init -u git://
$ repo sync

Test reports (success or fail) are welcome.
Please send the reports to the Android-x86 discussion group.

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  1. I have iso: android-x86-2.3-RC1-asus_laptop.iso currently installed on my HP TC4400 convertable tablet, P/N:en358uar#aba. This build seems to run very smooth. The only things that are not functional include:Pen/stylus input, SD card slot, PCMCIA(of course) Audio card, wireless service(due to lack of radio). Wireless networking works flawless. USB support for external mice and keyboards is very versatile, as well as usb storage media. All in all this build seems to be a good platform for many laptops. There of course needs to be a little tweeking with audio drivers and other media items. I would love pen input, sound and SD card support!!